Shadow Meadow


SixHouses, Alfred ve dvoře

Jan Mocek’s performance combines elements of visual art, object theater, and dark ambient. It explores situations in which the non-presence of objects or people creates an impression of their intense presence.

Performers Irina Andreeva and Jan Mocek appear in the empty space of the Alfred ve dvoře theater in order to discover hidden spaces, dark matter, or black holes, and to transform them in a manner that is ironic, poetic, and humorous, but also unpleasant, pop-cultural and avant-garde. In today’s audiovisually oversaturated world, they present a somewhat radical gesture: emptiness, silence, darkness, negation, nothingness, pause. When you look into the darkness, the darkness begins to look at you.Make it stand out.

Concept, directed by: Jan Mocek
Dramaturgy: Tana Svehlova
With: Jan Mocek, Irina Andreeva
Lighting: Tana Svehlova
Sound: Matthias Hesselbacher
Production: Táňa Švehlová, SixHouses z. s.

Premiere: 21 Nov. 2017


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